I feel beautiful and confident, but I especially love getting stopped on the street by other women asking what my secret is.


This place is very cozy, bright and quiet. The staff are very friendly and nice. All of them are really
professional eyelash extension stylists. The eyelists there are the Best of Best!!!!!!! Girls, you have golden hands:) My lashes look really nice and sexy and I'm very satisfied :)
If anyone asked me where to go to have eyelash extension done in NY, I'd absolutely recommend R's Eyelash Design!!!!!!!!!! Love this place!!!!!!!


This is my first time when I applied eyelash extension at R’s Eyelash Design.
I was totally satisfied with the hospitality and the way eyelash extension was done.
The eyelist did an incredible job without itching that eyelashes look so natural and stunning.
The amazing result is that you don’t need to worry about mascara every morning if you are in a rush as you already have eyelash extension instead of mascara!
Thank you!


I used to think that eyelash extensions were for people who had short eyelashes, but I now realize that it is also for people who have long eyelashes but desire curled ones.
I am fascinated because they created my ideal eyelashes.
The staff is very kind and knowledgeable and explained to me the different design options.
Overall I felt safe and enjoyed the application of my new eyelash extensions.
Thank you!